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Buqi is a special type of qi gong healing where great emphasis is placed on correct posture and the clearing of stagnant energy.

‘If you make your spinal column five centimetres longer you will live longer’ Dr Shen Hongxun

Buqi is a unique Chinese healing system derived from the tradition of the martial arts. Special energetic forces allow the practitioner to clear stagnant and blocked energy from the patient, allowing health and wellbeing to return naturally.

Poor body posture, negative thinking, the modern diet and lifestyle together with seasonal changes and environmental issues all affect our health. This is because stagnant energy accumulates in the body and blocks our energy channels. A Buqi treatment aims to remove this stagnation and correct the corresponding body posture.

What happens in a Buqi treatment? – Following a brief discussion of symptoms I will carry out an on the spot diagnosis. Buqi has its own unique and thorough diagnostic technique. The treatment follows on immediately. The total session lasts for just under one hour. Buqi is totally non-invasive with no touching, needles or physical manipulation. The patient remains fully clothed.

The treatment concludes with the patient being shown simple exercises to do at home. These special exercises, which are different for each patient, release stagnant energy, correct the body position and change bad habits of posture. The exercises are part of the Taijiwuxigong system of qi gong exercises.

Patients having Buqi treatments are advised to allow time after leaving the clinic to rest and relax. Buqi is a powerful and profound healing method and the effects can be felt long after the treatment.

Many conditions will improve after the first treatment, however, a course of treatment may be recommended for longer standing problems.

Buqi is a complete treatment in itself but sometimes is offered as an additional therapy during an acupuncture treatment. This is because it can help to clear a blocked area more easily than needles alone would do.

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a buqi session with Deborah Cosbey